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Michael Jordan Discloses What Kobe Bryant Did to Him

Michael Jordan

By: Elena Grace Flores

Michael Jordan is grateful to Kobe Bryant’s wife for allowing him to speak at Kobe and Gigi’s celebration of life. He refers to Kobe as his little brother. A brother like him might be a nuisance but the admiration they have for their big brother is inspiring. Jordan knows who he is in Kobe’s life. As Kobe aims to become the best on what he did, Jordan aspires to be his best big brother. To be a better person in everything that they talked about.

YouTube video by TSN
Michael Jordan remembers Kobe Bryant in a beautiful tribute.

A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant and gives us an intimate look at their relationship at his memorial with a touching, heartbreaking, and beautiful speech.

Kobe Got Michael Jordan

Kobe knows how to get to Jordan in a way that affects him personally. Michael discloses that Kobe Bryant got the crying him. His sense of love for Jordan can send him crying for the next 3 years. The people he loved can attest to this unique character of Kobe.

Kobe Bryant Gave the Last Ounce of Himself

At a basketball game, he showed his creative side. He continued to give back as a coach in his community. An amazing dad and husband who loves his daughter with all his heart. No one knows how much time we all have. That’s why we have to live in the moment, said Jordan. To enjoy each and everyone we get in contact with is important, he added. When Kobe died, a piece of Jordan died with him. May he and his daughter rest in peace.

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