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Mirror Mirror Movie Review


By: Elena Grace Flores

Queen (Snow White)
Queen (Snow White) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cable TV is a worthwhile investment because it will keep you entertained while staying home for the holidays but sometimes, no matter how many quality channels you have – you just seem to find it difficult to land on the right kind of movie or show that suits your mood. It’s Labor Day today and it was a privilege getting hooked to a very light, funny and educational movie entitled “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts as the wicked Queen! Here are the points that made it a good entertainment material for all ages. Here’s my factual movie review:


  • It’s more than a hit because it is based on the all-time favorite fairytale Snow White but with very creative twists that made the popular story unpredictable.
  • Good choice of characters with the matching artists: Snow White played by Lily Collins is so sweet and beautiful even if she has disturbing eyebrows – just so dark and lush. Julia Roberts who’s the main character did justice to her role and so as the rest of the cast.
  • The costumes, scenery and circumstances will bring you to a magic land while watching.
  • Comedy fairy-tales are just so cute, lovable and refreshing that make both adults and children just sit down and relax without blinking the eyes if possible – and Mirror Mirror is something that you would enjoy watching again and again.
  • The dialogues are very simple, humorous and very funny.
  • The first kiss scene will make you feel young again if you are already over the teenage years.
  • Men might not accept that they did enjoy the movie – but you’ll just see them glued to their seats.
  • It will make you believe in love again even after many failures.

  • The message is clear that marrying for money will just end up in disaster and believing in yourself is your biggest weapon in winning your battles.
  • A different kind of action is shown here when the 7 dwarfs who are real midgets are fighting the enemies together with their princess whom they become so emotionally involved with during their encounter.

Mirror Mirror is definitely the kind of movie to relax your mind and muscles after working too hard most of the days. I would understand it that a scene from the movie will keep crossing your mind resulting to that sweet smile of yours even if you’re alone. This movie review is not posted to promote the film but for weary people to have some time to energize their energy, inspire their minds and forget their daily struggles by laughing a bit!

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