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Nancy Binay: Lives up to Father’s Makati City Public Service Legacy when making Laws

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Nancy Binay lives up to the legacy of his father especially when it comes to performing her duties. As a lawmaker, she makes sure public services enhancements are covered in her approved ad proposed bills. They are very much in line with the city public service nature of Makati.

[VIDEO]: Nancy Binay explains how she is not new to public service and what she learns from her father in terms of serving the people.

A Substitute Senatorial Bet

Senator Nancy did not expect to land in the top 5 seats in the senatorial race. She ran to replace Jose de Venecia. She has been the subject of ridicule from her alleged inexperienced for the job and her fashion sense. But she proves them all wrong with flying colors.

City Public Service Laws go National

The winning ordinances in Makati like the Senior Citizens’ provisions are covered in Nancy Binay’s senate bills for the national level. She sponsored the Centenarian bill or Senate Bill No. 449 which is the Senate’s “way of recognizing the country’s centenarians, who have reached the milestone age of one hundred years old, often through clean and responsible living.”

Culture of Taking care of the Elderly – the Makati Way

The senator discloses that her Centenarian law  also seeks to declare every September 25 as “National Respect for Centenarians Day.” Giving importance to the often neglected phase of society is indeed very Makati city public service nature. This is one of the things she learned from her father. To provide services that are felt by the people.

PWDs are now Better off

Binay is also the author of the tax relief bill for people with disabilities, exempting them from 12 percent value-added tax (VAT) on goods and other services. Republic Act No. 10754 (Senate Bill No. 2890) was signed by the previous administration last March 24, 2016.

Human Rights Preservation Efforts

Sen. Nancy Binay, has introduced the bill, to  authorize the courts to order the confinement of certain prisoners in their own homes or hospitals. She also calls the authorities arresting violators to observe the rights of the poor especially women and children.

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  1. Job well done Senator Nancy Binay . God bless you and your family

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