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Why it’s necessary to publicly announce De Lima’s alleged bad reputation?

bad reputation

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Nancy Binay finds herself comforting fellow Senator Leila De Lima. This was after her privilege speech during the extra-judicial hearing against President Rodrigo Duterte. The kind gesture was done despite De Lima’s role in the character assassination of her  father.

[VIDEO]: See if appropriate or not? Why do you think it’s necessary to destroy De Lima’s reputation?

Sex Life as the link to Drug Crime involvement?

Even former Jejomar Binay would not agree as well why the alleged sex video tape of De Lima is necessary to prove her involvement wit the drugs trade. Nancy Binay for one cannot believe that the President would go that far to discredit her. Whether he alleged affair, with her driver is true or not, that will not make her guilty of the crime that they accused her of. Therefore, the disbelief of Senator Nancy Binay saying; her love life is none of our business.

Below the Belt Attacks

The President is guilty with the below the belt attacks on De Lima. People in their right senses would ask; why is that necessary? If she is really a protector of the drugs trade, then put forward the evidence that would stand in court. Not her alleged sex video that President Duterte always mention in his speeches that every time he watches that, he loses his appetite. The question is, why watch more than once?

Psychology wise, the guilty put forth false witnesses

The senate hearing on the Bilibid prison probe where De Lima’s detractors are trying to pin her down, it is confusing why witnesses against her cannot remember important details. But can remember details of the story like what De Lima was wearing and her signature scarf, the amount money that De Lima allegedly received and so on. Not just the date of the event which is vital with any investigations.

Public Shaming De Lima is Evident with the President’s Every Move

President Duterte’s statement on TV that the Philippines becomes a narco-country because of De Lima is a little far off. She was only the Secretary of Justice during the previous administration. Could it be that the new administration is hard with her because she was the alter ego of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III who vowed to stop him and Marcos into the country’s top position?

Extra Judicial Guilt in lieu of Bad Reputation

The Aquino administration also with De Lima at the DOJ wishes to find out the truth about the Davao Death Squad, a private army responsible for the killings of many who do not follow Duterte’s orders when he was still the mayor of Davao.

Whatever the case may be, the president is obviously guilty of violating De Lima’s human rights. The fact that he already accused her of things even before finishing the inquiry did not give her the due process needed. The Binays are supporting the Duterte administration but the below the belt attacks cannot be tolerated.

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