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Netizens Compare Horn’s Boxing Title Robbery to Robredo’s Win over Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The title robbery that the world just witnessed between Jeff Horn of Australia and Senator Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines is somewhat similar to Leni Robredo’s win over Bongbong Marcos. This is during the 2016 Vice Presidential race. The corruption is just too obvious that even international boxing commentators call it a highway robbery.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Palasyo, nagpasalamat sa suporta ng sambayanang Pilipino kay Pacman

A Chance to Get Up

VP Leni Robredo’s message after Manny Pacquiao’s questionable defeat aims to inspire people who are in poverty. They are knocked down by circumstances but she urges them not to lose hope. As always, she has good intentions but her affiliations and actions are not just enough to convince people of her sincerity. Nonetheless, she is better this time that she chooses to be neutral or playing safe on certain issues.

The People’s Champ

Win or lose, the fighting Senator is always the People’s Champ. He is noted for his clean and genuine boxing capabilities. Every time he loses, he gained admiration. Pacquaio is already a legend in his field. This is why he is still paid $10 million regardless of how it was. He dedicates this fight to the suffering people in Marawi.

Highway Robbery

Horn’s victory is actually not a glory to Australia. In fact, the country is now the subject of pranks over the internet. There are many cases that highway robberies are reported to the police. Only to find out later that the callers are referring to the Horn-Pacquiao match result.

Thief in the Night

If Robredo’s win comes like the thief in the night, Horn’s victory is right on your face. Imagine watching closely every minute of it and feeling confident that the people’s champ is in the lead. Only to be dismayed that the announcement of the winner is the opposite of what is expected by many.

1 thought on “Netizens Compare Horn’s Boxing Title Robbery to Robredo’s Win over Marcos

  1. My take on these 2 fake winners both are in a hurry to reach the top of their career. Horne as WBO champion and of course he won thru hometown decision. with the fake vp she wants to replace PD30 when she doesn’t even have the brain, expertise and experience on how to deal with the big problem of the country. she can’t rely with her yellow colleague coz they are all incompetent, inept and corrupt just like her.

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