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Netizens Hail Toni for Scaring Robredo, Media Critics on the Return of a Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

Netizens defend Toni Gonzaga from media critics
Toni Talks is trending during the interview of Bongbong Marcos. It garners more viewers than Leni Robredo’s. Many loyalists also speak up. They told the Dilawans to move on. Because they cannot harass democratic hosts anymore. Nowadays it’s netizens versus unfair media practitioners. So, Toni Gonzaga must continue her advocacy. She clearly has the support of the majority.

No Platform for BBM but Nonsense Robredo Talks Highlighted

Robredo’s telling the audience that it’s dangerous to bring back a Marcos is nonsense. But the Dilawan media highlights it. Whereas, they criticize platforms that conduct interviews with Bongbong Marcos. Where is democracy with these alleged democratic people?

The Anti-Marcos Must Move On

The people are already aware of the details concerning the Marcoses. They can also judge by themselves who is right or wrong. It is now the internet age. The Dilawans must move on already. They cannot manipulate the news anymore because of social media. One-sided reporting must stop.

2 thoughts on “Netizens Hail Toni for Scaring Robredo, Media Critics on the Return of a Marcos

  1. Marcos will be unstoppable .

  2. This is the end for all Propagandist who destroyed the good image of the Marcoses. We have a saying “What goes around comes around”
    It’s time to shutdown all the hatred and lies within.

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