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Netizens will Remember who Pukes at the Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Anniversary


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An anti-Marcos lawmaker reacts to an invitation of Ferdinand Marcos’ widow Imelda Marcos with disgust. The invite is to celebrate the late President’s 100th birthday anniversary at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Sept 11. Netizens cannot fathom why most anti-Marcos are bitter to the dead. Just like VP Leni Robredo and the rest of the LP Senators or members.

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[VIDEO]: Bongbong MARCOS Eulogy speech LNMB Bayani

Mocking the Dead

“Yes, I did get an invite and puked on it!” said Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin. He opposed the burial of Marcos at the heroes’ cemetery in Taguig City. The “Magnificent Seven” congressman shows reporters a copy of his invitation from fellow Representative, Imelda Marcos. He makes a mockery out of it.

100th Birthday

The invitation states that a Mass will be held at 9:30 in the morning of September 11. This is to be followed by a short program and lunch. Villarin even said that the Marcos family, who offers to cooperate in the turnover of the wealth for humanity to the government in exchange for immunity, is “enjoying their heyday.” Actually, the Marcoses have yet to decide on it as per the President’s wisdom.

The President’s Support

“With President’s blessings and absolution of their sins, including his push for their immunity from prosecution, the Marcoses are enjoying their heyday since they were booted out by people power,” he said. “While Duterte and Marcos party in the Libingan, the blood of thousands killed by both of them cry out for justice! The day of reckoning will come and history will judge harshly those who kill the truth and our own humanity,” Villarin ‘s mockery continued.

Ilocos Norte Holiday

The President also declared Marcos’ birthday as a holiday in his home province Ilocos Norte. The transfer of the late Marcos’ remains from Ilocos Norte to the LNMB happened as approved by the Supreme Court amidst the uproar from the alleged victims of human rights violations during martial law. Du30 clarifies that ex-President Marcos did the right thing to save the country as he faces the same accusations from Marcos’ detractors.

Militant lawmaker pukes on Marcos’ 100th birthday party invite

4 thoughts on “Netizens will Remember who Pukes at the Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Anniversary

  1. The people power that they are highlighting every time they speak about Marcos is completely false. FM was the truest choice of the people power by winning the Democratic election, the Snap election of 1986. The hungry politicians and the oligarchs took advantage during that time, bringing the Filipinos suffered hardship. They alleged Marcos hiding an ill-gotten wealth but for so long last nothing. When Marcos offered his wealth as a help, they try to obstruct and delay to make it appear the Marcosses are the villain.

  2. the opposition are still bitter coz they’re envious of the dignified way the Marcoses carry themselves both in private and public especially the grandchildren who are mindful of what the public expects from them.

  3. True,the Marcoses pala mababait at makatao.God bless po sa marcos family

  4. Naiinggit ang mga iyan kasi hanggang ngayon, marami talaga ang nagmamahal at naniniwalang inosente ang mga Marcoses sa mga ibinibintang sa kanila. Hindi nila matanggap na nagising na ang taumbayan sa katotohanan at namulat na rin sa matagal na panahong panloloko na ginawa ng mga dilawan para mapasama ang imahe nila sa mata ng mundo. Tandaan mo yan, Villarin, kapag inilibing ka, susukahan ang kabaong mo ng mga makikipaglibing sa ‘yo!

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