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The Never Ending Itsy Bitsy Spider

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
People may come and go but it seems that the Itsy Bitsy Spider Children Rhyme is here to stay. They might be recreated and modified but it’s still the same lyrics, tune and actions that never failed in putting little ones into the world of amazement. Just take a look at this very simple Itsy Bitsy Spider video that are still viewed by many viewers:

Itsy Bitsy Spider Time and More! – Learn to Rhyme – Kids Video

Posted at Youtube by: Mother Goose Club

You can’t help but smiling that when children hear this song or rhyme, they start twitching their fingers or find out where the sound came from with eyes staring in great delight! What could be in this song that seems like an addiction to children – even without the visual part of it! I think, it’s the enthusiastic but easy tone rhyming perfectly from start to finish. Store this link for easy viewing when needed.

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