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Nick Unsworth: Life on Fire after working hard and losing all

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There are a number of talented business people who made lots of money after working so hard but ended up losing all – but few realized that they can do it again but this time, with the lessons learned. Nick Unsworth is one of the few – who made it big by not forgetting the reasons why they failed in the beginning.

“The company ended up filing for bankruptcy and just screwed all of us distributors,” says Nick. “They kept all of their customer base, reorganized the company, and I…lost quite a bit of money because I signed up about 40 or so college kids the month that happened. They spent $400 and I didn’t want my reputation to be hurt or damaged from it, so I took all the money in my savings account and I paid all those kids back so they were made whole because the company wasn’t going to do it. I was left with nothing except high expenses and and this M3 BMW. It was just a disaster.” Listen to the full podcast here:

The Art of Charm continued: “People look at Gary Vaynerchuk and how hard he works — my dad would give him a run for his money,” says Nick. “I saw how much stress was getting thrown at him from every direction and I just always thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to be like that. I want to have time freedom. I want to have a family one day and be able to be there.”


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