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No Debts Must be Paid from the Direct Pockets of Filipinos


By: Elena Grace Flores
PweDelie TV

Collateral Funds for the Debts
The opposition misled the people into thinking that the World Bank debts would cripple the people in many generations to come. This is contrary to the black media propaganda. In fact collateral funds were already in place before any loans can happen. This is a basic commercial rule. This means that all the debts of the country are guaranteed paid.

Interests of the Gold Deposits

Aside from the collateral funds, the gold deposits are also earning continously until now. These can supplement the expenses in infrastructure projects. This is why the build build build projects are non-stop despite the pandemic. The Duterte administration adopted this. Bongbong Marcos swears to continue what has been started by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Real Robbers

The real robbers are the ones who accuse the late President Ferdinand Marcos of stealing the country’s gold reserves. It is only the son who can fully implement the will and testament of his father. With the help of President Duterte, of course. Just like his hero’s burial. So, to make this all come true, Bongbong Marcos must be the president in 2022 with a Duterte endorsed VP if not the president himself or his daughter.

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