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No Insurance for Robredo’s Rating to Rise after Japan Speech and Pilot Radio Show


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo has been the target of frequent attacks by allies of the President and other anti-Liberal Party groups. This has put a dent into her trust ratings. She, however, continues to criticize online abuses in her speeches especially overseas. The most recent one was in Japan. Not enough, Robredo now has an hour-long radio program every Sunday over RMN-DZXL. Unfortunately, no insurance that these efforts can salvage her from the rating dip because they seemed to be ignored.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo pushed for women empowerment in business as she spoke before global and business leaders at an international summit for women in Japan. Robredo is in Tokyo for a two-day visit. More than 1,000 business leaders and top government officials from more than 60 countries attended the summit’s opening day.

Japan Summit

Leni Robredo cited the difficulties of women due to the anonymity that cyberspace affords abusers. Robredo calls online harassment as an “emerging threat” in the Philippines. Filipino lawmakers have yet to pass measures that will make online users safe from abuse. She said this during the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo, Japan.

Quantity and Quality Time

Robredo advised parents to spend both “quantity time” and “quality time” with their children. It’s true that this is crucial for families but the VP did not quite offer a solution while she occupies the second top position in the land. She did mention to come up with more local jobs so that parents do not have to work overseas. She said this on Sunday, Mother’s Day during the pilot episode of her radio show.

Health and Nutrition

On nutrition, Robredo expressed concern over the disruptive growth of Filipino children in remote communities. She claimed that she filed a bill in Congress that would allow barangay nutrition scholars and barangay health workers to become permanent government employees. This would allow them to reach more families and teach them proper nutrition than being just volunteers. It is not certain if this bill was approved or not.

No Insurance to Improve Rating

It is a pity that the VP has to anchor a radio show and galavant around to read speeches even if she does not have the right charisma for it. The strategy could actually make her trust rating a lot lower because most people hate her guts for insisting that she won the Vice Presidential race without cheating vs the popular Bongbong Marcos. Keeping a low profile is much helpful for her these days given the circumstances.

2 thoughts on “No Insurance for Robredo’s Rating to Rise after Japan Speech and Pilot Radio Show

  1. “A Man can be stupid but
    A Woman CANT be a SMART”
    Thats what #LeniLeaksVP is

  2. She’s always trying to be in the limelight, she’s now into moonlighting, getting a job outside the government, which I think is not right.

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