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No Red-Tagging: Unlike Marcos, NPAs Get a Direct Blow from President Duterte


By: Elena Grace Flores
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Duterte on Jevilyn Cullamat: ‘Let a woman fight a soldier, she will surely die‘

No red-tagging. Just Identifying!

Brutal words come easy from President Rodrigo Duterte. No sugar-coating. Not the profound manner of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. But they both meant well. Duterte says it directly while Marcos did try to convince insurgents. After experimenting with Marcos’ style a bit, the time has come that the Filipino leader must express his thoughts and judgment of these people who use their political parties to corrupt the minors. It is not a surprise that the opposition media would capitalize on this incident. Duterte calls on some party-list groups to be affiliating with the NPAs and not just merely red-tagging them.

Women are Not Supposed to Die as Rebels

Re-tagging is now a widespread term this year. Celebrities like Angel Locsin have complaints about this with the military. That propagated related incidents more. President Duterte’s tough words may not come right for some people. However, his heart is just saying that women are not supposed to die as rebels. They should be the hind support of their men in times of trouble. Just like the old times.

NPA Recruitment is a Serious Offense

Elected officials should work for the welfare of the people. Not against their government. It is treason if they recruit youngsters to join any rebel group. The president may be right that the only intension of these insurgents is to destroy the administration. That way, they could take over. It’s not about ideology anymore. As what the opposition is saying.

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