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No to CNN but Bongbong Marcos said Yes to SMNI’s Presidential Debate

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: BBM Confirms to Attend SMNI’s Presidential Debate

Bongbong Marcos Prefers Platform-Based Format

Atty. Vic Rodriguez said that the public is already tired of fights during debates. It’s time for intelligent talks for the good of the country. On that line, Pastor Quiboloy confirms the attendance of Bongbong Marcos for SMNI’s platform-based presidential debate on February 15. Marcos just recently said no to CNN. His running mate, Mayor Sara Duterte also skips the network’s Vice presidential debate.

Selective Appearance Increases Rating

The approval rating of Bongbong Marcos for President is now 60%. This is according to the Pulse Asia’s Survey. VP Leni Robredo’s rating decreased to 16%. The survey was conducted during the time when Marcos skipped interviews by biased media.

Relevant Questions

Prof. Clarita Carlos, political analyst and a panelist of the SMNI debates clarifies that their platform-based Presidential debate focuses on topics like climate change, health reforms, and educational systems. Unlike the personality-based strategies of the other networks. SMNI tackles issues that matter to the country’s progress. This is why Bongbong Marcos said yes to their invitation personally through a letter.

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