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Nostradamus: Is this a sign that the Aspired Unity under BBM is Near?


By: Elena Grace Flores

by Filipino Future

This is a sign of the Nostradamus prophecy
Nostradamus implies that the death of former President Noynoy Aquino is a sign. That the reign of Bongbong Marcos is near. The new leader would bring Filipinos in unity for progress. Not to exaggerate, the Philippines allegedly would become the richest country in the world. Surely, not just a mere guess.

The Fall of the Yellow Evil

The more than 30 years regime of the Aquinos is known as the times of the yellows. This was when they continued to demonize the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The young ones are also brainwashed at school through history textbooks. They did not defend Sabah during the Lahad Datu encounter. Plus the negligence in the Mamasapano encounter. The country became the slave of Americans.

The Philippines to Rise Up in the Year of the Tiger

2022 is the year of the Tiger. Bongbong Marcos runs for the top position in May that year. He files for his candidacy in October 2021. Marcos is second best according to surveys. This is definitely more than just a coincidence. If not the fulfillment of a Nostradamus prophecy. So, be unto the country what is meant to be. So, vote wisely now that you know.

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