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Do not kill our local economy – support traditional small stores

Small Stores

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sari sari stores or traditional small stores in the Philippines are in the verge of extinction as 7-11 franchises are becoming more popular. Store owners are given the opportunities to run their own stores without shelling out the overall capital needed. Not much money to make to be a franchisee but you get to own a professional-running consumer store, at least the rights for it.

Youtube video by: ABS CBN News

Since 7-11 stores cannot be inside residential villages, Filipino lifestyle could change. Having a small store within dwelling areas can allow residents to just run into them when they need something in a daily basis. Besides, delivery boys won’t be having those jobs if one day, small stores cannot operate anymore. Manpower do not have to be on salaried basis because normally, family members of these store owners and their helpers could take turn in watching the store. Hoping that this side of the business will stay to let the local economy go on as usual.

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