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Online Colleges are Better than UP Now that PBBM and VP Sara Agreed to do This

Online Colleges

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PBBM and VP Sara Surprised UP

Online Colleges are Better Now

Online colleges now are getting the edge when the University of the Philippines is said to be in turmoil after the recent cabinet meeting. It was discussed that a budget cut is necessary. This is because the state university is not a priority anymore due to the many insurgent activities inside the campus.

UP’s Budget Cut

PBBM and VP Sara agreed to cut 2.5 Billion from the university’s budget. But it is still at 23.10 Billon. Its 2022 budget was 25.6 Billion Pesos. So, it’s better to get a degree from online colleges rather than risk the youth in exposure to rebels.

The Right Thing To Do

What the President and Vice President are doing when it comes to UP is the right thing to do. The people’s taxes are wasted when leftists infested the Philippine state university. Instead of becoming the hope of the country, some of the students ended up becoming anti-government if not dead in the mountains.

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