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Online Credit Card for Paypal

By: Elena Grace Flores

A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the ...
A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the Marquette Bank decision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you thinking of working online but worried that you might not get verified by Paypal which is a popular payment method used in the online business because you do not own a credit card? This is a common dilemma among young talents in the Philippines – who have all what it takes to become promising virtual employees or contractors but just starting to establish financial independence. Go ahead and get your own online credit card for Paypal as explained in this video:

linking Paypal to your Unionbank EON account

Posted at youtube by: Angelito Hizon

How to have EON union bank debit card and verify Paypal 2013

Set your goals towards your dream because there are ways to make them happen. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with by replying using the form provided. Enjoy working online!

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