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Online Technology for Reputation Management

By: Elena Grace Flores

#bdi Social Reputation Management Conference N...
#bdi Social Reputation Management Conference NYC March 2010 (Photo credit: ShashiBellamkonda)

Reputation Management online is now popular in the online world. It can make or break your business popularity. It is more or less the same as any Public Relations campaigns that will build the reputation of a business – but of course the medium used is the internet. Watch this video to grasp the basic foundation of Reputation Management Online:
What is online reputation management?

Posted at Youtube By: Tony de Bree

Like any other marketing campaigns, reputation management can also be sabotaged. There are various report on extortion, black mail and other negative money-making strategies. So, it is also important to be ready on how to turn bad events into good ones! Here are some helpful suggestions:

The Dark Side Of Reputation Management: How It Affects Your Business

By: Cheryl Conner

A week ago I had no idea the hornets’ nest I’d opened when I wrote about the things to do when your business is disparaged online. I’ve heard (and learned) much more since that article posted.

There’s no need to get paranoid with these unfavorable incidents instead, be knowledgeable in turning these to your advantage. Yes, it’s possible if only you have the interest to learn about the process. It’s not complicated – for as long as best practices are implemented in providing quality and updated information regarding your business regularly.

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