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Only Ka Leody is Brave Enough to Face Bongbong Marcos in the Platform-Based Debate

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: 4 Presidential Aspirants Skip SMNI’s Presidential Debate.

Ka Leody is One-On-One with Bongbong Marcos

Ka Leody takes his chance of showing his platform to the public despite the fact that he will be facing Bongbong Marcos only. He said that SMNI may be the home station of the top-rating Presidential aspirant but it’s a good avenue for him to be heard. This is for the SMNI Presidential debate which is a platform-based one.

Robredo Chickens Out

Vice President Robredo earlier promised to attend the SMNI debate but chickened out at the last minute. She uses Panay visit an her excuse. Robredo is known to not know her political platform by heart and often caught floating in thoughts. Isko Moreno will be in Samar.

Direct Refusal and Accusation

Another presidential candidate Panfilo Lacson directly refused the invitation because SMNI’s owner, Pastor Quiboloy already announced that his bet is Bongbong Marcos. Manny Pacquiao also accuses Quiboloy as a child molester and he allegedly uses the name of the Lord for his wrongdoings. That’s why he’s not joining.

1 thought on “Only Ka Leody is Brave Enough to Face Bongbong Marcos in the Platform-Based Debate

  1. The 4 of them knows in their heart that they are unable to articulate for themselves their platforms, the how and what to impart to the public. How much more with BBM there and panelists who doesn’t want to give them an advance copy of questions that they are used to every live interviews with other media that knows their weakness.

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