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Outdoing Marcos: Pastor Quiboloy Echoes PDuterte’s Toughness to NPAs


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by PH Latest

Pastor Quiboloy to NPAs: Better Stop!

Identifying and Not Red-Tagging

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte just said that the military is correct in identifying and not red-tagging some members of the NPAs in the Makabayan Bloc party-list group. Pastor Quiboloy immediately echoes this in the same toughness as PDuterte. The authorities are also firm to say that they cannot deny their recruitment activities of young people to join the NPA. Although the Filipino leader agrees with the principles of the late Ferdinand Marcos in this regard, he is actually outdoing the late President with his direct and tough warnings.

The Wisdom of a Pastor

Pastor Quiboloy admires President Duterte’s direct message to the suspected NPAs pretending to be part of the government. He said that it is obvious that their aim is to destroy the government. Just like what they did during the Marcos regime. He pities the rebel group’s members who has a leader with comfortable life in the Netherlands contrary to their poor life in the mountains.

The Opposition’s Weapon

The pastor also slams the detractors of the government. Epecially oppositions who use unfortunate incidents of deaths that the CHR often defend. These are results of gun battles with the military forces. Therefore, he calls them the plaque of the country. Recently, the youngest daughter of a congresswoman died. Then, her mother admits that she is a member of the NPA . However, she is not happy that the photograph of her daughter’s dead body goes viral over social media holding a gun. So, Pastor Quiboloy repeats the warning of the President to stop the insurgency or they will die!

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