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Pacquiao’s Presidential Bid Upsets Robredo’s One-on-One Fight with Marcos

Presidential bid

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

The Opposition’s Presidential Bid Disunity
Boxer and Senator, Manny Pacquiao announces his presidential bid recently with the PDP-Laban Party. Behind him is the notable Dilawan and anti-Marcos, Koko Pimentel. Leni Robredo said earlier that the one-on-one fight with Bongbong Marcos is on if she is the major bet of the opposition. Nonetheless, with Pacquiao’s candidacy, her wish is unlikely to happen. So, the votes for their faction are bound to scatter. Not to mention Senator Ping Lacson’s bid as well. Therefore, it makes Marcos the top contender for the Presidency.

Marcos vs. Robredo

Bongbong Marcos is currently a social media sensation. Most netizens just frown on the alleged history revisionism criticism of Robredo against Marcos. The pandemic opens the eyes of Filipino voters on the Edsa truth. The current plight of the Filipinos can judge better if the Dilawans did well in their two consecutive terms. Now, they want a Marcos back.

Marcos-Duterte Scenario

President Rodrigo Duterte also confirms his VP bid. However, he doesn’t have a running mate yet. A Marcos-Duterte outcome is clearly in the picture. Many speculate that regardless of which party they belong to. Also, the president’s daughter can also substitute him when incapacitated. So, one thing is certain that the alliance since 2016 continues. For the same reason of not allowing the Liberal Party to come back.

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