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Panelo to the VP: Commenting without Thinking


By: Elena Grace Flores
Paano TV

The VP is Commenting without Thinking

The VP Hits the Government on Vaccination

VP Leni Robredo is commenting without thinking. Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo describes Robredo. She may have common sense but her advisers surely provoke her to criticize the government. As the symbol of the opposition, she can do so but the least she can do is to understand the issue. Then, put sense into her comments. She also underestimated Bongbong Marcos and his supporters. Despite her favorable ruling from the Supreme Court, she obviously did not find any peace yet.

The VP Must Help in Educating People

Instead of a senseless question about why the target vaccination completion is 2023, the VP must lead the opposition in educating the people. The aim is to build confidence in them to finally take the vaccine. The pandemic can only be over if the majority are already immune to the Corona Virus.

Bongbong Marcos will Definitely Prepare

Whether she likes it or not, Bongbong Marcos is sure to prepare for the elections in 2022. Her advice is not necessary at all. Any candidate would surely do this as the basic task. Besides, Marcos is just in the wait-and-see mood as far as the electoral protest is concerned. She should just be happy for her victory and stop underestimating the Marcos supporters.

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