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Passion for Helping Others by Rossco Paddison of Heart Centred Money Makers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
InnovaBuzz podcast’s feature of Rossco Paddison who is the founder of Heart Centred Money Makers again stressed out the importance of passion in the business especially when it is for helping people. In this Innovabiz medium, Rossco shares with us his views about how passion and vision help business owners get clarity and be inspired to do more. Rossco has helped hundreds of business owners discover their true passion, develop their vision and then build a successful business with that. Listen to the interview to learn about Rossco’s principles for doing business with a heart. Listen to this:

Rossco said that adding value to customers is critical and he asks every day “How are you serving people?” Asking the question “What is the no. 1 problem that humanity has to solve in the next 50 to 500 years to survive as a species?” entices a visionary to think grander, beyond themselves and beyond their own life because it essentially invites them to start thinking of things like technology and innovation and what are the things that are going to have to happen in order to solve that problem. The most important lesson or learning from his ups and downs is really connecting to what he stands for, believes in and to share his message with the world. It’s important to innovate every single day. However, you must also to recognize the difference between something new (for the sake of it) and something better. It’s relatively easy to make something new – much harder to make something better. Giving away your best information, forces you to keep developing new intellectual property – that is one of the best ways to keep being innovative. It’s vital that business owners spend time on themselves and their own personal and professional development – best away from the day to day routine. It’s the entrepreneurs role to map the road of the future. Entrepreneurs are the visionaries and the entrepreneur’s job is to map the future in an inspiring way.

Slow down. Take time to get a macro-view of your business, by stepping right out of it. That will give you a much broader perspective of your problems and challenges


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