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PBBM Addresses the Media Twisting on his Actions


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: It takes a President to change the wrong system.

The Media is being Addressed to

Some mainstream media focus on chaos rather than progress when it comes to their administration coverages. Most of these articles give false impressions internationally. Like the delay in appointing cabinet secretaries in important sectors.

It takes a President

If the media can only understand the logic of President Bongbong Marcos, they can write better articles that are precise and not just gossip.  Not appointing a Department of Agriculture Secretary for example is very crucial at the moment. PBBM stresses that it takes a President to bring the system of the agency back to its ideal standard. There are things that the Filipino leader can do that other secretary cannot.

Normal Situations

Issues like the American sanctions, DOH secretary appointment, and more came up. And the president’s answer is firm and follows one concept. The country needs to get away from the emergency stance to be able to address major problems first. Once the President is not needed anymore in such departments, he would gladly turn over the tasks to his appointees.

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