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PBBM explains to Toni Gonzaga his Claim about the Ghosts in Malacañang


By: Elena Grace Flores

Toni Gonzaga Studio
[VIDEO]: The Malacañang Tour | Toni Talks

PBBM’s Claim

A private tour of the palace by President Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. happened with Toni Gonzaga recently. He explains the truth of his claim that he did see a ghost at the Malacañang. They were in the guest rooms before. Now called East rooms. Things move there, he said. At one instance, just before he opened the door, it opened by itself which gave him goosebumps.

The Tour

The tour enhances his claim that the Malacañang Palace is actually haunted. He shows the secret doors leading to other places. And often lost his security team. The venue where the late president Ferdinand Marcos said during EDSA to General Fabian Ver; Disperse the crowd without shooting them is still fresh in PBBM’s mind. He was there and signifies that his father did not give the order of harming protestants.

His Mother’s Lifestyle

The iconic hairstyle of the former first lady Imelda Marcos takes only 5 minutes to do. Despite the fact that her hair is up to below her bum. She has a separate bedroom from her husband because they have different activities. The famous shoe collection is not in her room because they are not hers. They are samples from the Marikina shoe industry.

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