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PBBM’s Economic Recovery Plan Signifies his Capability Not the Weakening of the Peso


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: The host of the New York Stock Exchange program was surprised by PBBM’s brilliant answers

The President’s Recovery Plan

President Bongbong Marcos is confident in what the 110 million Filipinos can do for the country’s economic recovery. As he speaks in the New York Stock Exchange, he reminds the audience that in the minds of the young people, America has not failed us, he emphasized that despite its indifference to his family in the past. So, the partnership must continue.

Youngest Country in Asia

The Filipinos’ resilience to the crisis is a strength that gives the Philippines an edge compared to other countries. Despite the pandemic, the number of pregnant women is increasing.¬† We gained the population dividend with the greying of many nations, added President Marcos. Making the country the youngest in Asia. Therefore, recovery is just a matter of when.

The President’s Clear Plan

A fast-growing economy, and young sets of workforce who are educated and English-speaking are just some of the perks of foreign investments. 30 business CEOs are even convinced to work with the Philippine president. Full foreign direct ownership for infrastructure and technology transfer businesses is now feasible in the Philippines. This is a big plus for investors. He explains that there is a change global economy. So, the country can only take advantage of it.

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