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Personalizing Senator Imee Marcos on ABS CBN’s Testimony is All About 2022

Senator Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores


Senator Imee Marcos is Not Personalizing ABS CBN’s Case.

Why are they personalizing Senator Imee Marcos?

Senator Imee Marcos said a few months ago at the Kapihan sa Senado that she is not personalizing ABS CBN’s plight. This must go through the legal process. Despite having bad feelings to the network just like President Rodrigo Duterte, she also feels for their employees.

ABS CBN Ownership Remained with the Lopezes

In a news blog, the headline implies that ABS CBN serves as the source of funds for the young Imee Marcos’ wants. However, Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile already said that the Lopez family never lost its ownership. During the administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos, the facilities of the entire ABS-CBN complex, broadcast complex, were put under the control of the government. The title of all of these facilities is still with the owners to this date.

It’s All About Bongbong Marcos in 2022

At the Kapihan, the press people insist on getting an answer from Senator Marcos about her brother’s presidential candidacy for 2022. She confirms that he will definitely run. Although the exact position is not yet known. She agrees that there are many capable candidates in the Senate alone. Marcos also understands the unwillingness of the President’s daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte to lead the country because of her young family. Currently, the Senator looks into the alleged labor violations among call center agents during the time of the pandemic on top of other tasks. She said it’s too early for a smear election campaign for 2022.

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