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Dr. Nene Ludovice Luardo, DDM
Ortho-Dental Clinic
Philippine Dentist for Dental Tourism

A lady Philippine dentist with uplifting sense of humor, Dr. Nene as she is fondly called believes that the most important job fulfillment she can get is from satisfied and happy patients! A graduate from University of the East, she is a member of the following prestigious associations:

  • Philippine Dental Association
  • Dasmariñas Dental Society
  • Dasmariñas Dental Circle
  • Philippine Association of Private School Dentists PAPSD (INC.)

Also a natural humanitarian, Dr. Nene participated in various dental missions including her own in Bicol. She is a certified General Practitioner garnering certificates of participation like from the First Asian Dental Congress on
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Scientific Seminar in Occupational Dentistry, BISCO-PROS-APAC Ortho-dental Aesthetics and Integrity of Direct Composite Restorations, Phil. Orthodontist.Com Retention and Relapse and Fabrication of Wrap Around Retainer to name a few. To date, she never stopped learning and upgrading her skills by actively participating in any relevant dental symposiums here and abroad. She is also trained to handle AIDS patients without discrimination!

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3 thoughts on “Philippine Dentist

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I would like to contact you from Japan regarding the possibility of dental implant surgery at your clinic for retired Japanese people.
    I’m planning to start a tour in Philippine with implant surgery for retired Japanese people. As you might know, it is too expensive to take for ordinal Japanese retired people to take an implant surgery in Japan, so I think there will be a good demand for it.
    Also the population of over sixty five years old people in Japan is over 3,500 million, and 48% of their annual income is under 25,000USD, on the other hand the cost for single implant surgery is over 2,500USD, so many of them have to use the false tooth instead of implant surgery.
    So I am planning to have a tour for them who want to take the implant surgery while they are on a tour in Philippine.
    If you are interested in this plan, I would like you to answer the following questions, please.

    1. Name of your clinic.
    2. Your name and title.
    3. How many staff do you have in your clinic?
    4. How many implant surgeries have you done ?
    5. How many days do you need to complete the surgery?
    6. Have you had a patient from Japan?
    6-1. If Yes with question 6. Please provide us the number of the patient.
    7. If you are interested in our plan, how much cost do you need for general single surgery?
    8. Your contact: phone, e-mail address, post address

    KAMIOKI Koichi
    Foster LS
    #212 Campus Building 5-10-7 Shitami Saijo Higashi-Hiroshima Hiroshima Japan 7390047
    Phone:+81 824230583
    mobile:+81 9013368152

    1. Thank you for the Inquiry. We are forwarding this to our Dental Clinic – and will get back to you for the answers via email. – Elena

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