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Philippine Embassy Saga: Anti-Marcos Policy Over Bacudio’s Avel X Gameboys

Philippine Embassy

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Balitang America

The Philippine embassy in Manhattan, New York is one of a kind.

Not the Only Embassy but One of its Kind

The first Philippine Center in Manhattan houses the country’s embassy or consulate in New York. It exists on May 10, 1973. It was by the late President Ferdinand Marcos on the Presidential Decree No. 188. The project aims to integrate and coordinate activities of the Philippine government offices in the United States. However, the elegance, grace, and beauty of former first lady Imelda Marcos are seen through the venue. It promotes the country’s art and culture. Just like what Mrs. Marcos did in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Folk Arts Theater. The anti-Marcos cannot just bear her powerful influence. No policy can topple the Marcos legacy. The Gameboy saga happened as the Philippine embassy in Manhattan re-opens.

Unfair Company Policy

IdeaFirst reconsiders its partnership with designer Avel Bacudio.This is after he praises Imelda Marcos on TikTok. Fans of the game-changing BL series Gameboys cannot anymore purchase the exclusive merch line created with designer Avel Bacudio. It suspends Bacudio’s products for now after the controversy online.

Criticisms are Biased

The criticisms posted in social media are even untrue. All courts cannot nail Mrs. Marcos of plunder. The Marcos family remains forgiving to their detractors. They only work for the welfare of Filipinos. So, far as President Rodrigo Duterte said, the late President Marcos is a great president. The Marcos first couple made the Philippines proud during their time. They have such legacy that won’t die after more than 30 years. Their projects are still useful up to this date that haunt the anti-Marcos.

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