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Philippine President to Islamic Abu Sayyaf: Killing in Allah’s name? How dare you!!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Furious as ever Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in disgust condemned the recent killings and mutilating of 15 soldiers by the Islamic Abu Sayyaf denouncing their own Islam faith by going against its teachings.

“You think Allah would be happy to see you do like that? In the name of Allah, you kill then, unnecessarily, you mutilate the body of the human being?” Duterte said this in Zamboanga City last Wednesday, August 31.

The president visited the funeral of the slain soldiers after warring with the Islamic insurgents in Barangay Maligay, Patikul, Sulu. 4 military fatalities were already laid to rest before his arrival.

Here are his words: “I have a problem with the Abu Sayyaf because they are terrorists and killing – beheading civilians or soldiers in front of the world),” he said.

“In the olden times, as the stories of our forebears go, the Tausug warrior is an honorable man. So why behead hostages? This is not the work of a true Tausug.” said Duterte.


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