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Philippine President’s drug war left indigents with no medical allocation

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A bulk of tax payers’ money has gone to the spending on war on drugs and not where it should be – which is public service, the ultimate reason why taxes are collected from the citizens of the country.

It is evident that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte reduced the Department of Health’s or DOH’s budget from P125 billion to P94 billion for 2017, lowering it down to P31 billion. This is the result of his boasting police incentives to motivate them in their war on drugs campaign – and leaving Filipino indigents with no sufficient medical allocations that is the very concern for tax expenditures.

The Philippine President prioritized the developments of his office particularly the military to get the backing needed for his drastic actions that has alerted the UN. Aside for the DOH budget, Duterte also lowered the budget for health services in barangays, agriculture, labor training and employment sourcing, and foreign affairs which are more important than his show of toughness that will go nowhere as per experts.

This is in contrast with the Aquino administration, where allocation for the DOH increased upgrading medical facilities in the provinces and the addition of barangay health clinics in remote areas.


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