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Philippines is already a Narco Country with Addicted Law Enforcers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

No matter how PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa is disgusted knowing that there are more members of the government forces who are users of illegal drugs themselves, it cannot be denied anymore that the country is already a Narco State. After 9 cops tested positive on shabu and marijuana recently, two more policemen are added today to the line of cops about to be dismissed from the service.

It was remembered during the funeral of Jaguar killed by authorities in a gun battle, one of the biggest Drug Lord in Cebu – that the whole village of his local hometown attended who were not only hurt but also angry with the government because their protector and source of livelihood just vanished the way it did.

Jaguar was perceived to be the new Robin Hood when he operated illegal businesses to nurture his poor community in Cebu – already ignored by the past administration. It is evident that when a drug criminal takes care of his neighborhood – and this seems to be the case of other Drug Lords in different areas, then the country is already in a Narco State. If that evidence is not enough, then take the cases of these dismissed cops – will they be rehabilitated by the government after the dismissal or they are forced to seek refuge into the more accommodating Drug Lords?


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