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Philippine’s Defense Against China’s Intimidation

By: Elena Grace Flores

There’s no retreat for Philippines after China’s intimidation using water cannons to Filipino fishermen. It was announced during the recent press conference by the President’s spoke person that China’s actions were not surprising. They have been known to display their aggressiveness all through out the discussions over the claim. Here’s what the Philippine Military has to say:

AP Interview: Philippine armed forces chief vows to defend fishermen against Chinese threats

By: Fox News

MANILA, Philippines –  The Philippines military chief vowed Thursday to defend the country’s fishermen against any Chinese “terror or intimidation” in the South China Sea, the latest sign of sharpening tensions in what is a potential global flash point.

The Philippine forces continued to strengthen not only their capabilities to handle war but also the country’s alliance with other superpowers. The U.S. has been Philippine’s greatest ally and China would not want to intimidate that. However, to go to war is not Philippine’s strategy in settling the problem with China – that’s why all possible channels for communication are open to be able to deal with the dispute peacefully.


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