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Why Philippines is like a Cruise Ship Sinking – FVR urges Filipinos to Help

cruise ship sinking

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
FVR says that the first 100 days of President Rodrigo is like a sinking ship. Duterte’s supporters paint it like the Philippines is a cruise ship with all the false praises. But still, it’s a cruise ship sinking.

[VIDEO]: See how former President Fidel V. Ramos, one of the personalities who urged Duterte to run as President is disappointed with his first 100 days performance. The Philippines is like a leaking and sinking ship as its captain, President Rodrigo Duterte cannot unite Filipinos. He urges people to help.

Unite Divided House

“It is President Duterte’s inescapable responsibility to first put our divided house in order. That’s the only way our nation can move forward steadily in the war against poverty, endemic disease, hunger, climate change, environmental degradation, dangerous drugs, joblessness and criminality,” said Ramos.

First 100 Days Review

Duterte’s first 100 days: first, a vicious and bloody campaign against illegal drugs and its users and dealers; second, a hardening of presidential policy statements against longtime ally and mentor, the US; and three, failure to cut red tape and corruption in the bureaucracy.

Work Together as a Team

He said getting elected officials, government agencies, peace advocates, the business sector, and other components of society to work together as a team at national and local levels is crucial. “Together, let us propel our ship forward and upward, then stay steady on course to a brighter future,” he said.

The Kind of Leader that the Philippines Need

“We need leaders who—because of their visionary qualities and political skills—can see beyond the gloom of the moment to brighter possibilities of the future, enough to carry out painful reforms. Obviously, today’s complex and delicate world must be managed through efficient governance,” said Ramos.

Did not Join Duterte in China

Former President Fidel Ramos will not be joining President Rodrigo Duterte’s October 18 to 21 trip to China, despite the fact that he is Malacañang’s special envoy to Beijing.

Loyal to the Nation and not to Affiliation

Bad moves by any person in power must be criticized – and the good ones are praised. Public personalities listen to the pulse of the people. It does not help tolerating and justifying the obviously wrong strategies. Let alone saying things that violate human or privacy rights.

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