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Pimentel Hints on Possible Duterte or Marcos Presidency under PDP-Laban, Sent Manny Pacquiao to PROMDI


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Mayor Sara or Bongbong Marcos for the Presidency
Senator Koko Pimentel laments that adopting Mayor Sara-Duterte-Carpio or Bongbing Marcos for the presidency by PDP-Laban conflicts with its ideology. He said that it was set-up to fight the alleged Marcos dictatorship. And to expel a member in favor of a newcomer is not its agenda. However, it seems that he has no power over the majority of the members.

Legitimacy of the Pimentel Wing at PDP-Laban

Pimentel insists that his wing is the legitimate faction of the PDP-Laban. But Senator Manny Pacquiao’s bid under PROMDI says it all. Pacquiao files his COC to vie for the Presidency. Former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza is his running mate for VP. So, perhaps action speaks louder than words.

There is a Possibility as per Cusi

On the other hand, the Cusi wing of the PDP-Laban said that the Duterte-Carpio or Marcos adoption is a possibility. Mayor Sara already files for re-election in Davao. But the Comelec assures the people that she can still withdraw and do a substitution. If she does, she is likely to substitute Senator Bong Go who runs for VP. That if she remains true to her words that the presidency is not for her. Who do you think would be for President?

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