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Pit Bulls: They are what we make them be

Pit Bulls

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What is your basis in selecting a dog for a pet? If you are for the large dog breeds then the Pit Bull is perfect for you. If you think they are dangerous, then you have to get to know the real Pit Bull.
Pit Bulls

Deep Inside them

Temperament wise, smaller dogs can even be more aggressive than them. Jaw lock tales? Probably not true. However, the truth is, they are great dogs for responsible owners. Like any other dogs, they  can develop aggression when abused for a long period of time. In the old days when they were used in dog fighting games, they never fight back their handler no matter how tough they were.
Pit Bulls

Your Role

Being a responsible owner of a Pit Bull means, spending time with it. Walk with it, play with it and make it a part of your family. Do not isolate it alone in the house while you’re away on vacation. It can develop dog anxiety and could change its cool nature into destructive one.
Pit Bulls


Resources for Ownership

Check these resources to know more about Pit Bulls:
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