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Policeman was High on Drugs and angry with Estrada

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Police Officer 1 Paul Vincent Solares, a policeman high on drugs treathened to kill people wearing Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada’s campaign T-shirt by pointing his pistol on them at the Manila Police District or MPD. He ws intercepted by the Special Weapons and Tactics team by encircling the building neutralizing him. The tension lasted few minutes before he was cornered.

PO2 Billy de la Cruz,saw Solares and another policeman passed his table after he eventually proceeded there in his motorcycle following a minor’s complaint that he allegedly manhandled. Solares then started cursing and breaking the framed photos of Estrada and outgoing district director Chief Superintendent Rolando Nana that hung on the wall before firing two shots, alarming the personnel on duty. De la Cruz drew his firearm and positioned himself near the main door, while homicide investigator PO3 Joselito Lopez rushed out after hearing the commotion.

The two were joined a few minutes later by SWAT personnel, who ordered the lockdown of the whole facility. As the SWAT team was moving in, and after two more shots were fired, Solares surrendered. During investigation, the suspect, who was visibly high on drugs, said he wanted to kill Estrada but did not say why. He then asked for a lawyer and said he would not say anything more. Coronel ordered a thorough investigation of Solares’ action and the immediate filing of charges against him; as reported by PhilStar.


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