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Political Analysts Condemn the Last-Minute Strategy for 2022 Elections


By: Elena Grace Flores
by ANC 24/7

Politicians urged to formally announce candidacy for 2022 polls
Political analysts call on those who want to run for the top positions. This is for the 2022 national elections. They said that they must announce their candidacies formally already because it’s only 4 months more to go before the filing. They said that there is a downside to the last-minute strategy. That means if they win, they are not ready for the important position.

Inday Sara’s Advantage

Analysts say that of all the possible candidates of the administration, the presidential daughter has the advantage. She has the machinery of her father. Plus the support of his followers. However, she might run in tandem with Bongbong Marcos. There is no hint yet on who’s running for what.

Bad Time for the Opposition

Among the 1Sambayan nominees, only Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo, are still interested. The rest knew that they have no chance to win. So, they refused the nomination almost immediately. Whereas President Rodrigo Roa Duterte continues to float names for his endorsement. His strategy is to confuse the enemies. But lately, he said that he will stick to his word since 2016. That can only be Bongbong Marcos.

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