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Political Assassins Get a Lecture from Marcos Lawyer that Brings Out BBM’s Nobleness


By: Elena Grace Flores

CNN Philippines

[VIDEO]: Atty. Vic Rodriguez from The Source

The Tax Propaganda is Just a Nuisance and Predictable

Bongbong Marcos’s lawyer, Vic Rodriguez slams the petition to cancel his candidacy calling it a nuisance and predictable. He clarifies that as a government official, the withholding tax of Marcos is already deducted every pay day. So, the case was never tax evasion. Only the non-filing for the ITR. Someone from the capitol was in charge of that.

Carpio Used the Comelec as Propaganda Venue

Lawyer Rodriguez also said that if former Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is confident with the case, he would do the petition himself. Instead he let other groups do it. In fact the one behind the filing is the wife of an NPA. Carpio did not have the decency to use the Comelec as propaganda venue.

BBM’s Nobleness

BBM’s nobleness comes out after Lawyer Rodriguez defends him by saying that he did not even withdraw his salary. It went to the account for an educational foundation. He stresses that the political assassins should research more if he had paid the fine or not. Because all the truths could only boomerang to how bad they are. So, people should know now why BBM is the best bet.

1 thought on “Political Assassins Get a Lecture from Marcos Lawyer that Brings Out BBM’s Nobleness

  1. Correct timing for the right person to lead or being the pilot of our country.. Yes.. BBM..

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