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Positive Mindset by Annemarie Cross

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Innovabiz’s InnovaBuzz podcast interview with Annemarie Cross shows that mind-setting is essential for business. Annmarie is a business mentor and a communication strategist, as well as host of the Women in Leadership Podcast, talks to us about the importance of a positive mindset to the entrepreneur and about scaling a business with a great team and sound systems and processes. It’s another fascinating interview with a lot of valuable advice; find out more by listening here:

What we think, and our beliefs and values, underpin, strengthen what we do and in some instances unfortunately can weaken what we do. If you were sitting or standing on a boat and someone was in the water and they were scrambling, they were drowning, you would throw them a lifeline. So similarly, if your client is struggling with a problem or a real challenge, if you’ve got an answer, why wouldn’t you throw out a lifeline. Getting systems and processes in place and well documented is critical to growing your business and having a team that can work with you to free up your time.
Focus sometimes requires difficult decisions to be made – letting go of an activity. It’s important, though, to recognize what is important and make those decisions. Customer feedback and stepping into the mindset of your ideal customer is key to successful product/service innovation. Having a mentor and accountability partner or coach on your team can have an incredible impact on your success

Get a mentor, an accountability partner; get a coach there on your team – people who can stretch you and support you in taking your business to the next level.


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