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President Duterte Urges People to Vote for the Only Ilocano Presidential Aspirant

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By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: President Duterte’s Tip for Choosing his Successor

The Only Ilocano Presidential Aspirant

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his speech in Ilocos Norte said that he’s ready to go away in a month’s time. It’s up to the people to vote for his Ilocano successor. Bongbong Marcos is the only Ilocano among the Presidential Aspirants. His running mate is the president’s daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte.

Mesmirizing his Dormitory Days

The President mesmerizes his dormitory days. This was with his Ilocano mates during his university days. He said that Dulay of the BIR and Bebot Bello’s rooms were in front of his and the late Yasay’s rooms. They are all in his cabinet except the latter. Yasay was not approved by the committee on appointments because of his American citizenship. The outgoing Filipino leader did not know at that time.

Majority are Ilocanos in his Cabinet

The President confirms that only 3 or 4 Visayans are left in his cabinet. The rest are Ilocanos. So, the people can freely choose an Ilocano presidential aspirant who can replace him. The audience can’t help but cheer for the clear endorsement. Even without mentioning Bongbong Marcos’ name.

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