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President Ferdinand Marcos: World Bank Loans? What about the Interests?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: Speculations float about the gold interests during PBBM’s meet with the World Bank

World Bank Loans

It is not widespread in the media that President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. meets up with the World Bank including its President David Malpass. With $3.07B in loans, PH is World Bank’s top borrower in 2021. This is due to Covid-19 measures. The odd part is that it barely has no interest.

Gold Interests

However, most Marcos loyalists are asking. What about the interests of the gold deposits? It is known that the late President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. had gold deposits at the World Bank and other countries. This is the reason why the Philippines can borrow an enormous amount from the international financial institution without the burden of substantial interest rates for its loans.

Deposits in the UK

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was even one of the attendees of the World Bank Meet with President Marcos. This coincides with the Finance Secretary’s revelation that the Philippines also has some gold deposits in the UK.

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