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President from Mindanao is the Result of FVR’s Persuasion

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte spoke highly of former president Fidel Ramos for persuading and inspiring him to pursue his quest in running for the presidency despite the many hindrances like lack of financial resources and political machinery. Duterte revealed Ramos visited him at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City and encouraged him to run for president as he spoke in front of the Philippine National Police audience during the turnover ceremony.

The Philippines now has a President from Mindanao because Duterte was inspired by FVR. This is very timely because other presidentiables cannot be bothered to prioritize solving the chaos in Mindanao in contrast with Duterte’s agenda.

Duterte was grateful that Ramos backed him up during the campaign because when he started, he was not sure if he can have as much political allies to win.


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