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Pro Duterte Catholics put own church under fire

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippines used to be a Catholic country and many believe that it did not change despite the lack of data – but many are lured into other forms of religion because of poverty and some corruption plus sex scandals by church officials themselves. Often, they do not practice what they preach and the Christian beatitudes are not manifested in the lives of their many followers. So who’s to blame for Duterte-related chaos vs Catholic groups when church leaders already urged their followers not to vote for Duterte but many of them still did – justifying his worst character in public?

Now that presumptive Rodrigo Duterte will be defying the Roman Catholic Church by imposing a three-child policy after calling the bishops “sons of whores”, Duterte-voting Catholics are in the limbo. Yes, many would again justify that Duterte’s policy is good for the overpopulation problem of the Philippines – but always, the end will not justify the means. Forceful and disrespectful ways are not ways of God as many believers knew.

Outrageous comments by Duterte made him so popular in a country who is hungry for change after the majority voted for the “less evil” as president in 2010. Now, they went for the one with the “evil” image justifying that it’s not his true self. They may be right but then again, the mouth that hurts people will always pull a good man down.


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