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Prof. Clarita Carlos Discloses the Real Culprit on the Sabah Claim


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Prof. Carlos: Cory Aquino tried but failed to drop the Sabah claim

Cory Aquino Tried but Failed to Drop the Sabah Claim

Prof./Dr. Clarita Carlos discloses something important during the first round of the SMNI Senatorial Debate. The political analyst said that the late President Cory Aquino tried but failed to drop the Sabah claim. She had a first-hand knowledge on this because this was given to her as an assignment.

Historical Reason

As many Filipinos knew, Sabah is a gift from the Sultan of Brunei to the Sultanate of Sulu for helping them during the war. Then, it was leased to Malaysia. However, the Kirams decided not to accept the lease anymore because they want their territory back. They tried to get it back during the Lahad Datu operation where most of their men were massacred. The late President Noynoy Aquino just let it happen.

Perpetual Rent

Atty. Harry Roque said that there’s no such thing as perpetual purchase. So, the Pajak or lease agreement that both parties signed is clearly a perpetual rent. All lawyers in the first senatorial debate of SMNI believe that if the lease agreement is not any more satisfactory to the Kirams, then they have the right to revise or revoke it. By all means, the Sabah claim must be pursued.

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