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Proper Formatting and Elements of Script Writing

By: Elena Grace Flores

Screenplay (Photo credit: Matt-Richards)

It is amazing to be able to find a very precise but uplifting video tutorial regarding script writing. Here, the formatting is not only explained but also illustrated in a very interesting but clear manner. Even the tiny bits of the elements of script writing are also discussed  without any hint of boredom. Well done for this video:

How To Format A Screenplay – 5 Basic Elements : FRIDAY 101

Posted at Youtube by: Indy Mogul

Yes, we all have different styles and character in writing a script but whether you agree with me or not, there’s also a proper way of writing one – and by far, this video explains it all. This might be  something basic to learn about the topic but believe me, you can never advance in this field without mastering the techniques shown in the video.

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