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Prophecy: The Country Prospers as soon as Bongbong Marcos becomes President in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

A Prophecy for the Next Philippine President
Rosa Montague is a foreign psychic. She’s also a mind reader and clairvoyant for almost 50 years. Montague also gets political vibrations aside from giving healing techniques. Her prophecy for the upcoming Philippine elections gives hopeful Filipinos the goose bumps. Bongbong Marcos will win as the 17th Filipino leader.

Elections 2022

Montague talks about a man with a family that is influential. He was in the position before. There are attempts to derail his leadership efforts. But according to her prophecy, the efforts to block him are from the inside as well as the outside. Financial issues now are temporary. The resolution in the future for the country relies on the light of truth. The wrongdoing in the past was necessary for a strong foundation in the future.

Legal and Financial Agreement after the Big Change

There are two female characters and a powerful male who are in the scenario. Plus a younger man who is a menace. The son and namesake of Ferdinand Marcos will run for President. Montague’s prophecy is that he will win. A financial agreement for the country is set that is legal. This will make the country prosperous when Bongbong Marcos becomes president. The release of the Last Will and Testament of his father is about to happen, she said. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos has the most beautiful energy, she added.

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