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Publicus Asia: BBM Can Easily Claim a 20 M Lead against Robredo


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: BBM has more than 20 M lead against VP Leni Robredo

BBM can Claim 32 M Votes at 56%

BBM’s 56% preference rating can account to more than 35 million votes. Given that there’s a margin of error and some people can’t vote on election day for whatever reason, he still can claim around 32 million votes, according to Publicus Asia Chief Data Scientist, Dr. David Yap. This gives the closest contender a hard time even if they resort to cheating.

Hard to Beat Based on Previous Presidential Surveys

It’s for the first time ever that a presidential candidate gets more than 50 percent preference rate. Family relations and friendships are vital to the choices of Filipinos. This is why Bongbong Marcos is a majority pick. The house-to-house campaign of Robredo’s camp just made her the most hated presidentiable.

People Won’t Believe if Robredo Wins

Even if the 15 million people out of the 65 million legitimate voters can’t vote or will go to Robredo at the last minute, she still can’t win against Marcos. So, if a machine interruption happens like before, the people won’t believe and can accept Robredo’s victory. Certainly, she can’t claim the presidency because that would bring chaos to the country.

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