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Purpose of Limlingan Revealed in the Binay Senate Probe

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Gerry Limlingan’s brother was scrutinized by the bullying senators in the latest Binay Senate Probe conducted by Senators Trillanes, Pimentel and Cayetano. He testified that he did not lift a finger in finding his brother because they had an agreement before he disappeared that Gerry will be the one to contact him if needed.

Therefore the slogan of the Blue Ribbon Committee was born: No Limlingan, No Undangan – meaning, if Limlingan will not show up, the Binay probe continues. Watch this video recording from Rappler – and clearly they now have an alibi to extend the spending of  people’s money into this year-long senate probe despite it’s being unconstitutional. Sadly, President Noynoy Aquino tolerated this.

On the other hand, what else can the Blue Ribbon senators do when they are not into making laws anyway? The show is also very handy for them now that it’s not fully televized. Just one recording by chosen media and off it goes to social media. Very easy indeed how to badmouth the good Vice President Jejomar Binay!

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