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Rap Song Stresses the Significance of Voting for Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: The music for the Country – Rap Song By Jhereya

Bongbong Marcos’s Intention for the Country

The late President Ferdinand Marcos’s vision for the progress of the country is the foundation of his son Bongbong Marcos’s political platform. It’s in the context of the music for the Country – Rap Song By Jhereya. It highlights all of his namesake’s intention in becoming the next President of the Philippines.

The Dilawan Culprits

After more than 30 years under the two Dilawan presidents, Filipinos finally realized that Marcos was not a dictator. It’s the Aquinos’ party that stole the countries resources and freedom. The journey may be long but it’s worth it. Because Marcos’s family never gave up. They waited for the truth to come out.

Media Sabotage

The mainstream media played an important role in fooling the people. They connive with the Dilawans in not giving Bongbong Marcos the broadcast outlets for his messages. His activities were never on the headlines. However, it all changed because of social media. Every people can now report in real-time better than any mainstream journalist. Most Filipinos are now in support of Bongbong Marcos for President.

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